Tales of Forfar about to be told by Dramatic Society

Forfar Dramatic Society is on course to stage its exciting, original play – Forfar Tales – in the Lochside Leisure Centre next month.

The script for Forfar Tales has been devised and written by members of the Society, building on tales told by local people.

The project is supported by funding from the Scottish Centre for Intergenerational Practice and brings together actors of all ages- from 12 to 80 years of age.

The Society began work on the piece in January by staging a series of events designed to jog memories and get people talking to each other. A Story Cafe invited members and friends to reflect on different periods of their lives and share some of their most vivid memories.

A week later, the Society ran a Dance Cafe event at which people taught each other dance crazes from different decades and talked to each other about the significance of music and dance in their lives.

The Forfar Tales quiz tested people’s knowledge of the last 80 years and invited them to reflect on significant events for them, the town and the wider world.

All of these activities, plus the project Blog, generated a rich seam of material that the company has now woven together in a unique piece of theatre.

Forfar Tales – the stage piece – links together a number of diverse stories. What binds them together is the fact that they are all significant to local people.

Some of the stories will be retold in very simple and direct ways.

Others have been dramatised and will be brought to life and embellished by members of the group.

The show runs from Wednesday, May 11 to Saturday May 14.

Further details from www.forfardramatic.com