Ghoulish goings on at the Vine

FORFAR Dramatic Society is presenting a Christmas show with a difference, Things that go Bump in the Vine, however, it is far from the traditional Christmas show – or is it?

It will run at the West High Street public house from Tuesday, December 18 through to Thursday, December 20 at 9 p.m.

In the last few decades one of the more interesting Victorian Christmas traditions has almost completely died out; the telling of ghost stories.

The practice of gathering around the fire on Christmas Eve to tell ghost stories was as much a part of Christmas for the Victorian English as Santa Claus is today.

The shining example of Victorian ghost stories persisting in modern Christmas celebrations is Charles Dickens’ “own little ghost story” (as he called it) “A Christmas Carol” which is regularly told on stage, TV and big screen.

The venue for the Forfar Society’s revival of the Christmas ghost story tradition is the upstairs lounge in the Vine and Monkey, West High Street. The show comprises a collection of spooky stories read in front of the log fire by society members, and will hopefully put everyone in a festive spirit. The ghostly goings on start at 9 p.m. Audience members, however, are 
encouraged to go along earlier and enjoy a drink and a chat before the show. Doors for the upstairs venue will open at 8.45 p.m.

Tickets for Things That Go Bump in the Vine are selling fast and are limited to 30 per night to ensure a suitably intimate atmosphere. Tickets priced £8 and £6 for concessions includes supper. Why not reserve yours now for one of the three performances?

To order tickets you can use of the society’s new online ticketing service. Simply visit the society’s website, visit the Current Production page and click on the link. You can also email or telephone 07783481259 to reserve tickets. Tickets ordered by email or telephone must be collected at least 15 minutes before the start of the show, or they may be resold. Any uncollected tickets will still be charged. In addition to all of these options for ordering at a distance, you can also pop into the Vine & Monkey.

Anyone with a faint heart or delicate disposition would be well advised to go with a friend – another good reason for booking in advance and making sure that you are not alone as you enjoy the grizzly and ghoulish goings on!