Nickels and Dimes at Wellbank

NICKELS & Dimes (ex Duke Boys) are a band of excellent musicians who get together several times a year to play selected gigs.

The band consists of Pete Nicol, rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Nigel Slater, drums, Tony Gaughan steel and vocals, Gary Cody bass and vocals and Ian Strachan lead guitar and vocals.

They will be appearing for one night only this Saturday in the Wellbank Hall.

It was in August 1981 when one of the most successful partnerships in the Country Music scene in Scotland started, "The Dukes of Hazard".

Nigel and George created a unique sound which was to become so popular that soon they were working seven nights a week, playing all over Scotland and the North East of England.

They changed their name to "The Duke Boys" and through hard work and a lot of dedication "The Duke Boys" became one of the most popular and busiest bands from Scotland, winning several top awards from clubs throughout Britain.

In April 1985 the band made their first appearance at Wembley Country Festival where they backed John Brack, Switzerland's number one singer and Freddie Fender, a top country singer from America.

They were the first British band to go on to a European Tour from Wembley, playing in Belgium, Frankfurt, Berlin, Zurich, Barcelona and Madrid.

In 1986 the band concentrated on the British circuit, touring from as far north as the Shetlands to Devon and Cornwall.

The band eventually drifted apart and went their separate ways. However the guys and some other friends decided to get together and do a few gigs and call themselves Nickel & Dime.

Nickels & Dimes play at the Wellbank Hall on Saturday, November 18 at 8.00 p.m.Admission at the door 7.00. For further information telephone 01382 350250