Lining up for folk club

SOUTHERN Tenant Folk Union, a seven-piece Folk Blue Grass Band, are playing at The Montrose Folk Club, at The Links Hotel Montrose on Friday, February 17.

Formed by Belfast born five-string banjo player Pat McGarvey in 2006 and taking their name from the ground-breaking multi-racial union of sharecroppers and non-landowning tenant farmers founded in Arkansas in the 1930’s (the Southern Tenant Farmers’ Union), the Edinburgh-based Southern Tenant Folk Union are now the most highly rated folk and bluegrass outfit in the UK today.

Now with their fourth album they’ve continued to appropriate themes and ancient sounding chord progressions from traditional folk songs.

Using these to document and reflect modern life they keep the essential simplicity and directness of style but often with a modern update to the underlying lyrical subject matter. New tunes that touch on atheism, intolerance and most recently (on ‘The New Farming Scene’ and ‘Pencaitland’) a post fossil fuel, post technological, agrarian future.