Follows his heart to Kirriemuir

Grassroots musician Dylan Sneed. (Picture Wade Griffith).
Grassroots musician Dylan Sneed. (Picture Wade Griffith).

Dylan Sneed, a grassroots musician from the States, is performing at the Bank Street Gallery, Kirriemuir on Friday, May 31.

Abandoning corporate life, he followed his heart, hit the road and worked his way from the bottom up.

The American press hail him as the new Paul Simon, a sober Townes Van Zandt.

Rising success in America brought him to Europe in 2011 where he went down a storm. So popular, in fact, that he is back over touring now only two years later. Perhaps because he has known what it feels like to be caught in the corporate rat trap – or perhaps just because he’s a wise and insightful young man – his song-writing engages you, touches you. Link that to his remarkable musicianship and it’s a recipe for pleasure!

Bank Street Gallery is lucky to be hosting Dylan. Capacity is tiny so those who want to catch Dylan on more than just YouTube should contact the gallery as soon as possible. Tickets are £10 and can be purchased by contacting the Gallery on 01575 570070 or 07793743989.