Duo at the Links

SINGER/SONGWRITER Sarah Gillespie, whose new album “In the Current Climate” was released on Monday, will perform at the Links Hotel, Montrose on Friday, February 4 with album producer and band member Gilad Atzmon as part of a U.K. tour.

Drawing inspiration from the 1950’s union of beat poetry and be-bop, the collaboration between Sarah and internationally renowned saxophonist/composer Gilad Atzmon, has evolved into a unique mix of urban-folk, electronica, middle-eastern blues and jazz lyricism.

Her debut album Stalking Juliet lead one reviewer to comment that her songwriting had a sophistication that Cole Porter would have recognised and In the Current Climate shows once again what a talented songwriter she is.

She eschews the trappings of many female vocalists, delivering her songs with a passion and tour de force that is utterly compelling. She uses both language and voice as an instrument, intuitively combining rhythms, echoes, themes and meanings in a style that owes more to TS Elliot and ee cummings than it does to the ‘female singer-songwriter’ genre. 

Aside from being musical partners, Atzmon and Gillespie are both fiercely political and this is something strongly reflected on In the Current Climate.

Ticket details from 01674 671000.