Calamity Jane hits Brechin stage

BRECHIN Amateur Operatic Society’s production of Calamity Jane opened on Wednesday and runs until Saturday.

Deadwood City’s two most famous peace officers, Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickock, get involved in helping Henry Miller, the owner of the Golden Garter, the local saloon.

“Millie” has been promoting a beautiful actress named Frances Fryer, but Frances turns out to be a man, Francis.

Calamity naively promises to go to Chicago to bring back the men’s real heart-throb, Adelaide Adams.

In Chicago Calamity, living up to her name, mistakes Adelaide’s maid, Katie Brown, for the actress and invites her back to Deadwood to perform.

Initially excited by the prospect of emulating her stage idol, Katie goes along with the idea but loses her nerve on stage in front of an angry crowd. Calamity once more has to restore order and persuades the audience to give Katie a chance. Katie wins the heart of every male in town, including Calamity’s dashing love hope, Lt. Danny Gilmartin. Calamity reluctantly overcomes her jealousy over losing Danny and discovers her true love for Wild Bill.

The production team consists of Graeme Baird (producer), Gordon Smith (musical director) and Liz Smith (choreographer). Gill Gerlings and Alan Matheson play the leading roles of Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickock.

Other principal roles are Laura Ferguson as Katie Brown, Robert Forbes as Danny Gilmartin, Steve Middleton as Francis Fryer, Keith Cuthill as Henry Miller, Kerry Guthrie as Susan and Caroline Fenwick as Adelaide Adams.

Tickets, costing £7 for stalls or £9 for the balcony, can be purchased from NewsPlus, St David’s Street, Brechin. Concessions are available for Wednesday, £7 stalls, £9 balcony. The show runs from Wednesday to Saturday in Brechin City Hall.