This week’s new cinema releases

kill your darlings
kill your darlings

‘Kill Your Darlings’ starring Daniel ‘definitely-not-Harry-Potter-now’ Radcliffe is one of the most anticipated films of the year.

In this biopic, three famous poets of the beat generation - Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and William. S. Burroughs - are drawn together after their friend Lucien Carr murders his stalker David Kammerer.

This is absolutely not one to be missed.

Moving on, the big animated film of the season is ‘Frozen’. Elsa is stricken with the power to create snow and ice but after letting her powers get out of hand, she goes into hiding, only for her emotions to trigger a magical, eternal winter that freezes the whole kingdom of Arendelle.

With people like the Duke of Weselton plotting to turn everyone against Elsa for his own ends, her sister Anna must journey with heroic woodsman Kristoff and reindeer sidekick Sven to find Elsa and make things right.

Next up is a remake of one of those films that has become such a classic it should probably never be touched. But with Spike Lee directing the remake of Park Chan-Wook’s ‘Oldboy’ - it might not be all that bad.

‘Oldboy’ is about a man who is locked in a hotel room for twenty years, with no idea why. When he eventually gets out he goes on a mission to find out why he was shut away and takes revenge on his captors. If anyone can do this justice I’m sure Spike Lee can.

And finally ‘Powder Room’ is a British comedy set in and around the toilets of a nightclub - sounds like it could be terrible but early reviews suggest this might just be one of the under the radar hits of 2013.