Pushing boundaries of textile art at Meffan

The latest exhibition at The Meffan Gallery in Forfar.
The latest exhibition at The Meffan Gallery in Forfar.

Kalamkari, a Dundee-based textile art group, is currently holding its fourth exhibition in the Meffan Gallery in Forfar.

The group met when they were studying at Dundee College and their latest exhibition opened on June 1 and runs until June 15.

As ever, Kalamkari pride themselves on pushing the boundaries of the notion of ‘textile art,’ by combining new, unusual and interesting materials with traditional ideas and techniques.

For example, four pieces on show, by Morag Gray, feature interpretations of the ‘tea for two’ concept. One uses a range of broken china found in middens in fields to build up to a teapot and cup, and another uses doilies acquired from charity shops.

Another piece by Maureen Shepherd is designed around the ancient Angus Beaker people’s style of decoration, using fabrics which were buried in Angus’s red earth for six weeks, in order to colour the fabrics naturally. Normally this would not take six weeks but Maureen had to wait until the snow was past this winter before she was able dig up the fabric again! And showing again the versatility of design and process, Lynn Gourlay’s exquisite set of six hares in different positions are executed in black on a cream background. The fine lines and detail are achieved through the use of combination of hand and machine stitching. Lynn became interested in hares as a subject after she had to contribute to the Kalamkari calendar last year by creating something representing March!

Members of the group will attend the exhibition (which is closed on Sundays and Mondays) and they will be happy to pass on to visitors the secrets behind the construction of the beautiful pieces.