High degree of dance from D & A students

D & A students in rehearsals for '21st Century Choreography'.
D & A students in rehearsals for '21st Century Choreography'.

Audiences will enjoy an eclectic mix of music and movement with ‘21st Century Choreography’ which is being performed at The Space at Kingsway Campus on Thursday and Friday, November 13 and 14.

This production allows students on the BA (hons) contemporary dance programme the chance to choreograph pieces for their colleagues giving them the opportunity to delve deeply into their own creativity.

A total of 16 degree level students have each produced a piece danced by their classmates, either a solo, duet or trio.

Each dancer has not only choreographed a piece in which their classmates will perform, but will also dance in a piece created by one of their colleagues.

Music included in the production runs from ambient electronic, through American post rock and even some classic Velvet Underground from the 1960s.

The themes tackled by the students are as varied as the music.

For example, choreographer Millie Daniel-Dempsie has created a solo piece, performed by Amy Robyn Lyster, which takes a hard-hitting look at the sexualisation of women, human trafficking and the sex industry.

Entitled ‘Severn’, Millie’s piece is loosely inspired by the 2008 Polanski film, ‘Venus in Fur’, and also utilises the Lou Reid track, ‘Venus in Furs’, penned in 1967.

‘Compassion’ by Jessica Ho is choreographed for a trio of dancers and examines the unusual theme of hidden homelessness.

Jessica said: “This isn’t about people sitting on the streets wrapped in blankets, more about those who have slid into homelessness and hide their circumstances.

“They continue to make the effort and try to dress well and, perhaps as a result of their endeavours, are denied help.”

Jennifer Scott, Laura Marshall and Katie Patterson perform Jessica’s piece and dress accordingly – in suits!

While the students do have support from lecturing staff for ‘21st Century Choreography’, it is the degree students’ first project in which they start from scratch, come up with a theme and work it through to fruition.

Having 16 separate pieces means the productions on Thursday and Friday offer audiences two different performances.

Tickets for ‘21st Century Choreography’ are free and can be picked up at 7 p.m., half an hour before curtain up, at The Space.