Easter fun for all the family at Kirrie Library

The holidays are here again and the Easter Bunny has been hopping around Kirriemuir library dropping competition sheets for all the boys and girls.

You’ll find a competition for pre-school to P7 and Bunny has even left some prizes for you.

So, hop hop hop along to Kirrie Library during the holidays and pick up some good books to read or why not try an audio book for a change.

The library brings you Encyclopaedia Britannica too and there’s a special Spotlight on Scott of the Antarctic which you might find interesting.

Encyclopaedia Britannica is full of great facts and interesting information and during the Easter Holidays there’s a ‘Spotlight On’ the unsinkable Titanic.

You can view this through the library webpages either at home or in the library. So if it turns out to be cold wet and windy it’s just something else to keep you going through the holidays.

The opening hours changed on April 3 so now the library is open late on Mondays until 7 pm and until 1pm on Saturdays.