Diverse range of images from snappers

Beryl Woodger's City Reflections which won the Advanced category.
Beryl Woodger's City Reflections which won the Advanced category.

Members of Brechin Photographic Society had a busy November as they were out and about capturing a variety of images.

Members submitted a diverse range of images to be judged in the architecture competition.

Guest judge Robert Smith from Aberdeen cast an expert eye over the work guidance on cropping the image and eliminating converging verticals to ensure the chosen structures were shown in their best light. Winners of the category were: Beginners - Manchester Art Gallery by Ian Cobb; Intermediate - Crossing Glengall Bridge by John Griffith; Advanced; City Reflections by Beryl Woodger.

Mike Hall from the Deeside Camera Club judged the images presented as the mini project. Members are asked to capture 10 images and present these without manipulation.

The skill of the photographer to capture the image as seen is a test of competence in composition and mastering the camera settings. This year the topic was given the title “The Big Event”. Again a wide range of events were photographed such as the Harley Davidson Rally, the Hillside Scarecrow festival and the Cartie Race in Brechin. Judged to be the most outstanding in this category were a set of images giving an insight into the preparations and performances in the Dundee Marathon captured by Pam Drever. Sandy Cleland, FRPS, presented a humorous account of his photographic adventures in his talk entitled ‘Both Sides of the Coin’.

Brechin Photographic Society meet every Tuesday at 7.15 p.m. in the St Andrews Church Hall. New members are always made very welcome.

For more information contact www.brechinphotographicsociety.org