Artists sought for 2012 open studios

ANGUS Open Studios (AOS) is seeking applications from people interested in opening their studios in May next year.

Those who apply can be established artists or designer-craftsmen or people at the start of their artistic careers.

The main benefit of joining AOS is that your work goes on the website and in a directory of artists in Angus who are all opening their studios and organising exhibitions at the same time.

Some 6,000 copies of the free, high quality directory were printed last year and there will be more this year circulating around Scotland, and beyond, to entice visitors to visit Angus.

AOS is a non- profit making organisation and there is a friendly atmosphere within the group, Artists can network easily with each other and often share experiences and tips on improving their skills.

The directory and the website make it easy for galleries, shops, customers and craft fair organisers to view artists’ work and contact them about selling opportunities which benefits everyone.

AOS have just opened for applications for 2012 and are looking for creative artists who work with any traditional or expressive media for example ceramics, glass, jewellery, photography, painting, printmaking, textiles or sculpture. To sign up to the Angus Open Studios or obtain further information please call Fran Marquis on Arbroath (01241) 439714 or check out their website at Closing deadline for this year’s applications is 17th February 17, 2012. The open studios event will run from May 24 to 28, 2012.