Art after Perestroika

THREE generations of the great Tytenko family take centre stage in the latest exhibition at the Kinblethmont Gallery, near Arbroath.

The exhibition, entitled ‘A Lyric Stroll through Ukraine’ - runs from February 26 to March 13.

Exhibiting will be Oksana, her father Panas and her mother Olena, and her maternal grandfather Nicholai Iakovenko.

They are supported by Eduard Belsky, Vasily Sad, Sergei Novokhatko, and Ernest Kotkov., among others.

The exhibition follows on from the gallery’s showing of James Morrison, and John Johnstone and friends last autumn.

With the support of Mykhailo Osnach the Consul General of Ukraine, ArteLia and Danusha Fine Art, Kinblethmont Gallery is showing a wonderful collection of painting illustrating the lyricism, imagination and creative energy released in Ukraine after Perestroika.

The gallery is open from 11am to 5pm daily and admission is free. For further details go to: