A fine performance in Blue Jasmine

Cate Blanchett is sure to receive high accolades for her portrayal of a cuckolded wife in the emotionally wrought comedy drama, ‘Blue Jasmine’.

The statuesque Australian actress is in almost every frame of Woody Allen’s entertaining film, delivering his zinging dialogue with split-second timing and reducing herself to a blubbering wreck as her heroine’s privileged life in New York crumbles after her husband is arrested for his dodgy business dealings.

In fragmented flashbacks, we meet Jasmine (Blanchett) during happier times married to businessman Hal (Alec Baldwin). When Hal’s exposed as a crook, all of Jasmine’s assets are seized and she is forced to head to San Francisco and move into her divorcee sister Ginger’s modest apartment.

Distinguished by Blanchett’s raw and bleakly funny performance, ‘Blue Jasmine’ is one of Allen’s best films on US soil for some time.

A high point of the film has to be Allen’s script which is studded with pithy turns of phrase, most of which are gifted to the leading lady as she expertly conveys her character’s downfall at her own manicured hands.