Trial success for Mosse and Davie

Mosse Magnusson and Davie.
Mosse Magnusson and Davie.

The weather held well for the 28 dogs and 17 handlers who competed at the Glen Clova Sheepdog trials on Sunday.

Judge was Mr John Ferguson from Bridge of Cally, the prizes were handed out by the sponsor of the trials Mr D. E. Ward, Rottal Estates.

The results were as follows: Open - 1, M. Magnusson, Kilry, Davie, 81pts; 2, M. Magnusson, Kilry, Jim, 78pts; 3, S. McFarlane, Bridge of Cally, Glen, 69pts; 4, L. Magnusson, Kilry, Kate, 67pts; 5, S. McFarlane, Bridge of Cally, Nap, 65pts; 6, M. Magnusson, Kilry, Nell, 47pts. Local - 1, F. McIntosh, Prosen, Bertie; 2, K. Fairlie, Clova, Lyn; 3, R. Hood, Clova, Eddie.

The winner of the open competition, Mosse Magnusson, is pictured here with his dog, Davie.