Strathmore taught lesson by ferocious Shire

STRATHMORE travelled to sunny Aberdeen on Saturday with 2 victories from their first two games but left the Granite City with a lesson in high intensity powerful rugby.

The conditions suited the expansive style of play which the Strathmore men are trying to play this season but Aberdeenshire got of to a blistering start with a 50-yard run from their left winger who beat far too many tacklers to score in the left corner.

The two sides exchanged scores for the next 20 minutes, however, the blacks were kicking penalties while the opposition were running in tries at an alarming rate with little resistance from the Strathmore defence who were very much on the back foot in set and open play.

The young Forfar side have shown a lot of grit and determination in their opening 2 games and continued to show this in an attacking sense in the last 20minutes of this game with centres Kielly and McKay along with hooker come winger Feighan breaking the Shires defence on a number of occasions, the support play of a fatigued Strathmore side was lacking and alas no scores were scored.

Final score 52 v 12

Aberdeenshire certainly showed why they are the current champions and will surely now be classed as favourites for the title again this year.

The character of this Strathmore team will be defined by the way in which they recover from this set back and the recovery will begin with hard work and honesty on Tuesday and Thursday at training and a very important home game to Hillfoots at Inchmacoble on Saturday.