Strathie lead at the top is eroded

THE Strathmore have been joined at the top of the Forfar Darts League by the Victoria, after a second slip.

The two front runners are on the 18-point mark, two ahead of the West End Bar and Roods in what is turning out to be a very tight contest for the title.

Last week’s results were as follows:- Masons 10, Roods 17; West End Bar 18, West End Bar A 9; Roods A 7, Letham 20; Canmore 14, Strathmore 13; Victoria 17, West End Social Club 10.

The fixtures for next Tuesday evening are as follows:- West End Bar A v Masons; Roods v Victoria; West End Social Club v Canmore; Strathmore v Roods A; Letham v West End Bar.

All names for the singles and doubles knockout competitions must be handed in to the West End Bar by February 1.