TUESDAY of last week will be remembered in the annals of Forfar Sailing Club as the slowest “race” of the year to date.

Tony Walker is fortunate to have a dedicated crew in Jordan Sutherland as many others would have rebelled, and Jim Green fortunate to have the patience rebellious crews would lack to sit still for a long time.

Each sail Enterprise and Solo respectively and, whilst admittedly these are light air craft, they were set off on a pursuit race by a shore party consisting of members whose boats would have been even more uncomfortable than theirs.

The shore party remained long enough to note the most interesting development was a perfect reflection of both boats on the surface of the loch, but after timing Jim ahead by five minutes – and about 50 yards in distance - they had enough and left them to it.

The sailors’ dedication was rewarded by Jim claiming first, Tony an obvious second and these results may prove decisive in due course over the remainder of the series

Sunday started with great promise of a moderate wind, but it was quickly realised this was far from consistent in either direction or strength and principally from the north, the least favoured prevailing conditions.

Bright sunshine and warmth was a bonus yet only four Lasers were in contention where several more members would have been expected.

In two timed races Tony Cook, although not given an easy time in the initial stages, once more pulled away latterly to gain yet more firsts.

Graeme Knox had to use every trick in his book to gain more seconds ahead of Craig Knox for third and Murray Hadden for fourth.

The racing this day was the closest for some time. Frequently two, three and on one occasion all four boats were in close proximity and manoeuvring with literally inches to spare.

New members are reminded that experienced sailors are happy to help them.

However, please be aware that they may often be preparing for races or be working on their own boats, so if you need help arrive in good time or arrange in advance with someone for a time when they can be there for you.