Kirriemuir’s first athletics festival is huge success

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The first Kirriemuir Indoor Athletics Festival for the primary schools was held at Webster’s High School on Wednesday 7th December.

The event saw teams from Cortachy, Glamis, Northmuir and Southmuir Primary Schools compete in six different athletic events.

These included Shot Putt, Speed Bounce, Standing Long Jump, Shuttle Run, Chest Push and Hi-Stepper Run.

Scores were recorded by Sports Leaders and Young Ambassadors from Webster’s High School, who great role models for the primary school participants, by encouraging and motivating them throughout.

This is the first athletic event to be held in the cluster and is a great activity to run in schools, especially those with limited space.

Teams were competing against each other as well as trying to improve on their individual scores.

The event finished with two relays to help decide the overall winners.

After collating all results the winning teams were as follows:-

Rural School Team Winner: Glamis Primary School Team 1: 477 points;

Town School Team Winner: Northmuir Primary School Team 1: 577 points;

Overall Team Winner: Northmuir Primary School Team 1;

Individual Winner: Girls: Sarah Lindsay (Northmuir Primary School);

Individual Winner: Boys: Noah Henderson (Northmuir Primary School).

Final thanks must go to all participants for making it such a great event, to all Webster’s High School senior pupils and all staff and parent who attended and transported participants to and from the event.