Kirriemuir gala success

Gala winners 2012
Gala winners 2012

The Kirriemuir and District Amateur Swimming Club annual gala was held at Webster’s Sports Centre on Saturday, March 24.

The swimmers participated in 26 events resulting in a number of excellent swims.

The results were as follows: 18 years & under Front Crawl (80m) The Prosen Cup sponsored by Alastair Caird: 1 Murray Caird, 2 Sally Kidd, 3 Hannah Farquhar.

12 years & under Breaststroke (60m) The Clova Bowl sponsored by Lynn Lyburn: 1 Mac Whyte, 2 Matthew McSheffrey, 3 Isla Clark.

8 years & under Backstroke (20m) The Wilmshurst Shield sponsored by the Wilmshurst family: 1 Natasha Phillips.

14 years & under Butterfly (60m) Round Table Shield sponsored by the Kirriemuir Round Table & presented by Keith Headridge: 1 Alex Guthrie.

10 years & under Front Crawl (40m) The Folda Shield sponsored by Penny Crawford: 1 Rohan Brown, 2 Becky Wilmshurst, 3 Abby Thomson.

18 years & under Breaststroke (80m) The Esk Cup: 1 Daniel Brodie, 2 Callum Innes, 3 Sally Kidd.

12 years & under Backstroke (60m) Wearside Cup sponsored by Elaine Kirtlan: 1 Erin Brown, 2 Gabby Mulgrew, 3 Jack Ford.

14 years & under Front Crawl (80m) Rotary Trophy sponsored by Kirriemuir Rotary: Anna Brodie, 2 Louise Patullo, 3 Robin Baillie.

10 years & under Breaststroke (40m) The Young Plaque sponsored by Kay Grant: 1 Mac Whyte, 2 Matthew McSheffrey, 3 Morven Whyte.

18 years & under Backstroke (80m) The Discovery Partnership Trophy sponsored by M. Schonewald:

1 Murray Caird.

12 years & under Butterfly (40m) The Lloyds TSB Shield sponsored by Lloyds TSB: 1 Erin Brown, 2 Seonaid Durston.

8 years & under Front Crawl (20m) The Ben Douglas Trophy sponsored by Ben Douglas: 1 Beth Mowatt, 2 Abbie Milne, 3 Natasha Phillips.

14 years & under Breaststroke (80m) The Quaich sponsored by Lynn Lyburn & family: 1 Anna Brodie, 2 Robin Baillie, 3 Louise Patullo.

10 years & under Backstroke (40m) The Airlie Arms Plaque sponsored by the Airlie Arms Hotel:

1 Jessica Boath, 2 Abby Thomson, 3 Cheyanne Mackay.

18 years & under Butterfly (80m) The Hi-Fly Banners & Flags Shield sponsored by Hi-Fly: 1 Daniel Brodie, 2 Zoe Wilmshurst, 3 Alex Guthrie.

12 years & under Front Crawl (60m) The Glamis Shield sponsored by Joan Grant & Mrs.Greaves

1 Rohan Brown, 2 Becky Wilmshurst, 3 James Baillie.

8 years & under Breaststroke (20m) The Camus Cup sponsored by the Niblock family: 1 Rachel Allan, 2 Beth Mowatt, 3 Abbie Milne.

14 years & under Backstroke (80m) The Thrums Vet Shield sponsored by Thrums Vets & presented by Gavin Durston: 1 Erin Brown, 2 Zoe Wilmshurst.

10 years & under Butterfly The Kinnordy Cup sponsored by Elaine Kirtlan: 1 Mac Whyte, 2 Matthew McSheffrey, 3 Becky Wilmshurst.

13 years & under Individual Relay (80m) The Watley’s Shield sponsored by Watley’s Books: 1 Erin Brown, 2 Alex Guthrie, 3 Rohan Brown.

18 years & under Individual Relay (80m) The Maclean & Lowson Shield sponsored by Maclean & Lowson: 1 Daniel Brodie, 2 Murray Caird, 3 Anna Brodie.

Open 2nd Session Sprint (20m) The Glen Doll trophy sponsored by Findlay Hairdressers: 1 Gabby Mulgrew, 2 Isla Clark, 3 Morven Whyte.

Open 1st Session Sprint (40m) The Mo Tech Trophy sponsored by Mo Tech: 1 Daniel Brodie, 2 Murray Caird, 3 Niall Sayers.

Girls Relay winning team: Emily Baillie, Louise Patullo, Becky Wilmshurst, Isla Clark, Maddie Farquhar, Cheyanne Mackay

Boys Relay winning team: Callum Innes, Daniel Brodie, James Baillie, Matthew McSheffrey, Mac Whyte, Liam Allan, Craig Trocher

Girls’ Endeavour Trophy – Jessica McGregor, Boys’ Endeavour Trophy – James Baillie

The club is indebted to a strong team of officials, who ensured that both the heats and subsequent gala ran very smoothly and they have to be thanked for giving of their time to assist with both these events.

The club would also like to thank Darren Elder Builders for sponsoring the gala this year. The swimmers, were delighted to be presented with their trophies and medals by Eilis Mackenzie, who was there representing Darren Elder.