Highs and lows of wind for sailors

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April saw the first handicap race of the new season at Forfar Sailing Club, with seven boats taking to the water in a brisk easterly, spiced up with frequent gusts.

Results were as follows: 1, Anna Sturrock, Topper; 2, Malcolm Heron, Laser; 3, Tony Walker, Enterprise, crew Evan Webster; 4, Murray Hadden, Laser; 5, Jim Green, Wayfarer, crew Liz Ormand; 6, Becci Oosterhoorn, Enterprise, crew Hannah Oosterhoorn.

Dennis Burgin in his newly-acquired Solution was forced to retire with gear failure.

The first Pursuit race of the year on Thursday had a low turnout, probably due to the apparent lack of wind and too much rain. However, as the start time approached, a good easterly picked up and the rain stopped. So the three that did sail had an unexpectedly good time. Result: 1, Malcolm Heron (Laser); 2, Murray Hadden (Laser); 3, David Smith (Firefly).

The first race of the Sunday Points Series 1 saw a very challenging south westerly wind with heavy gusts, causing three capsizes. The race was shortened to two strenuous laps with Dave Sturrock taking first, followed by Murray Hadden and Dave Smith.

Not for those of a nervous disposition, round two saw three hardy souls take to the water. This round proved to be even more of a challenge with all three sailors capsizing within minutes. For Dave Smith, it was the end of the line as he battled to dig his mast out of the mud. Malcolm Heron and Dave Sturrock managed to complete one lap, but were glad to be off the water as the race officer called time. Dave took his second first of the day, getting his season off to a healthy start.