Forfar Sailing Club prepares for open day

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Forfar Sailing Club’s open day is this Saturday, when anyone can come along and have a sail, completely free!

All you need to bring is a towel, a change of clothes, and, if you are under 16, and a parent or guardian to give permission for your venture onto the water.

These events are always fun and the club looks forward to seeing you.

Last Tuesday there was a little wind and on Thursday even less from the west.

Both evenings were unseasonably warm. However, turnout for racing was unseasonably low, three Lasers on the former and only two on the latter date.

Tony Cook was, however, on usual form, taking first on both occasions from Graeme Knox in second while Craig Knox tallied three points on the Tuesday.

Sunday started out more promising with a force three to four sea breeze sweeping in from the east on a brilliant, warm day.

Sunshine over land, however, can play havoc with inland breezes, as it warms the land, causing turbulence where hot air rises from the surface, thus the persistent wind gave way to a variable pattern in both strength and direction by the time three Lasers, a Solo and a Firefly set off for two races over well a planned and pretty lengthy course overseen by Craig Knox.

Dave Smith in the Firefly is starting to master his boat and stayed upright where last year the winds would probably have given him a swim or two, and, although off racing pace, he may soon join the fray.

Jim Green, in his Solo, should have been a threat but was missing a sister craft to gauge progress, which may have been the reason for his being slower than usual on the day, managing two fourth places.

Peter Tait and Graeme Knox had the most excitement, regularly in close proximity and duelling.

In the end, Peter was arguably unlucky and had to settle for two thirds to Graemeā€™s two seconds. However, his good sportsmanship was never in question, having given way on more than one occasion in debatable circumstances.

Tony Cook was again master of circumstances and, although there were sections in both races where there were stronger, winds than he would prefer he showed the way quite comfortably for yet more first places.