Evening racing cancelled due to the lack of wind

As there was no wind at Forfar during the evenings last week sailing would have been like skiing on a dry road.

Even the diehards who turned up decided the real possibility of getting cramp was just not worth it so races on both Tuesday and Thursday were cancelled.

Sunday saw the final races of the third Sunday series.

Weather conditions provided a fairly consistent westerly wind hovering about force three, gusting four.

In the first race the Lasers of Tony Cook, Alan Cairns and Craig Knox rapidly pulled away from the others.

Jim Green in his Solo was paced by Murray Hadden in his Laser, a not unusual situation for a newcomer to Lasers until he capsized (a few times).

Angus Beyts was with a friend and non-sailor in a club Wayfarer and Dave Smith was again in his classic Firefly.

This was the finishing order, although the front pair had been close throughout, sailing very well and their tussle one of the more memorable of the year to date.

In the second race numbers were reduced when only single handers started into slightly stronger winds.

Craig prefers such conditions and was soon at the front, only to blow his chances literally through inexperience and bad decisions, allowing the senior class competitors, Alan and Tony to pass him after a lap, and in dying wind conditions gave them the race. This time Alan showed Tony how it was done, his seemingly effortless style well in evidence as he cruised to first place by nearly a minute. Tony was second, Craig third and Jim again fourth.

The latter points were critical. Tony had already won the series but Jim’s consistency placed him second overall, followed by the absent Graeme Knox in third and Craig fourth.

The club closing regatta is now only a month away. Once more the club will play host to the Scottish Enterprise travellers and last year there was a good turnout from both them and other classes.