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Last Saturday saw the end of the season with the conclusion of the Bonnyman Shield competition. And the action went right to the wire with the destination of the trophy resting on the very last stone of the season!

Coming into the session, four rinks were in contention. David Shephard’s rink of Ann Kellie, Yvelynne Owens and Helen Bowie were the first of these but crashed out of contention with defeat to Craig Anderson (sub), Frank Cooper (sub), Katherine Sim and Catherine Kydd.

Meanwhile Stuart Taylor, with Marion Shepherd, Colin Barnett and Nicola Orr did their chances no harm with a convincing victory over Lynda Kemp, Brian Kelly, Barry Eggleton and Flora Dargie.

In the nothing-at-stake match, Lorraine Grieve (subbing for Bob Ogilvy) with Chris Noonan (sub), Colin Webster (sub) and Jan Brown came home comfortably against Ian Kellie, Lorna Anderson, Joyce Anderson and Eva Webster.

All the drama came in the remaining match, where pace-setter Ian Taylor, with Jenny McGlynn (sub), Anne Cant and David Hewitt came up against Bob Railton (subbing for Ian Young). Brian Ruffhead, Aileen Mackenzie and Marianne Jenkins (sub). Scores were level going into the last end, when Bob had the last stone. Ian played a draw with his last stone fractionally heavy, allowing Bob to follow him in for a tap-back to score three and win the game. This gave Ian’s son Stuart the trophy on shots difference.

The club AGM and presentation of trophies followed.


Gordon Smith, Rick Leith, Lena Davie and Jim Hill are this years Fothringham Cup trophy winners after they won 10-5 over David Pate, Hamish Smith, Louise Joiner and Jessie Phillip.

David’s luck continued to run out as he, Mary White and Hailey Duff lost 16-4 against Jill Donald, Stewart Robertson, Sheena Carcary and David Dandie in the Mixed Trophy.

Jill Donald, Neill Smith, Kathleen Kilgour and Alison Wylie won 11-4 over John Smith, Alison Orr, Louise Joiner and David Dandie in the Club Trophy.

Adrian White, Gordon Smith, Shona Kilgour and Marc Wilson won by the same score line against Stewart Robertson, Martin Gledhill, Karen Stewart and Fraser White.

The closing bonspiel; Jing a Ring, took place with two rinks taking to the ice. Jo Fletcher, Jim Hill, Shona Kilgour and Louise Nicoll won 10-9 over Hailey Duff, Alison Orr, Jessie Phillip and Beth Dandie.

The game saw David Warden, Sheena Carcary, Louise Joiner and Adrian White win the trophy after they won against Anne Donald, Marc Wilson, Martin Gledhill and Layla Al Saffar.