Changeable weather affects play

The first race of the new Tuesday Points series was graced by only three competitors – perhaps not surprising given the grey sky, light SSE wind, and continuous rain.

Before getting the race underway Tony Cook had to recapture his boat which had sailed off and ‘parked’ about 20ft from the landing.

Despite his recent absence from sailing, Tony had lost none of his old skill and, after an excellent start, built up a steady lead to take the win. Graeme and Jim looked as if they were ‘joined by a piece of elastic’ – Graeme always in front and the distance varying between them but never enough to offset the handicap which resulted in Jim taking second place

Result: 1. Tony Cook (Laser), 2. Jim Green (Solo), 3. Graeme Knox (Laser).

No racing took place on Thursday, due to a lack of wind and sailors – no doubt a correlation.

A very breezy afternoon on Sunday saw SSWesterly wind speeds of three to four gusting five to six. Only two boats took to racing – Peter Tait in his “Laser” and Angus Beyts in his “Europe”.

Race 1 - Peter went through the line first and took a commanding lead on the first leg up to E mark. Both boats were picking up a healthy speed on the reach. By the end of the second lap Peter was out in front by 5.5 minutes. Angus took in an extra mark during the second lap but this did not really make any difference to the outcome. Perhaps if he had not capsized during the second lap also, it might have made a difference to his timings. On seeing Angus rounding the additional mark Peter decided he would do the same during his third lap. Result Peter first, Angus second.
Race 2 - Peter got off first again but this time was closely followed by Angus. Peter rounded the first mark ahead of Angus and flew across the second leg leaving Angus in his wake. On rounding the fourth mark Peter gybed, got caught by a gust of wind and capsized, by the time he got himself upright Angus was almost on him but Peter took off at a fearsome pace and crossed the line first.