Autumn League games for Kirrie Ladies

Another two Autumn League games were played this week for the Kirriemuir Ladies.

Isobel Keillor’s rink comprising Aileen McKenzie, Eva Bell and Betty Whytock (sub), were badly in need of a win and things were looking very favourable for them with an 11-1 lead and only three ends left to play.

But the opposition, led by Wilma McGibbon with Irene Mackie, Katherine Cran and Morag Burns, were not taking this lying down and went on 
to score eight shots in these last three ends, leaving the Keillor rink the winners by 
a narrower margin than 
they had anticipated, namely 11-9.

Meanwhile, Ruth Baynes continued her winning ways against Eileen Cramond. In spite of taking an early lead, Eileen, with Moira Estill, Alison Wilkie and Barbara Sherriff (sub) lost her 4-1 advantage to go into the last end peels at seven all.

Ruth, with Jessma Lindsay (sub), Elizabeth Keillor 
(sub) and Sandi Buchan took a three and so maintains her 
unbeaten record in this league.

Representing Kirrie in the Ladies Friendship League were Barbara Sherriff, Eileen Cramond, Eva Bell and Fiona Irving. They played Dundee Ladies who took the first two ends with a single and a brace. However, the Kirrie rink got their act together and with a couple of fours, a two and a single and the Dundee Ladies only chalking up another couple of singles, Kirrie won by 11 shots to five.