A busy week on the ice for Kirrie Men


The McKiddie Cup was up for grabs last Tuesday - an 
annual three rink Bonspiel between Kirrie and Suttieside.

Over the years Suttieside have had the edge, when it comes to the names on the trophy, but it is always keenly contested.

This year, rink one comprised Cameron McKiddie (skip), Malcolm Nicoll, Sandy Carle, and Ian Melrose, they played the Suttieside rink skipped by David Shepherd.

The scoring on ends would have given Cameron a 5-3 victory. But it is shots that count, so what Suttieside lacked in “ends” they made up for in shots taking fours at the second and seventh ends together with a single at the eighth.

The final score was 9-6 for Suttieside.

Rink two comprised David Urquhart (skip), Scott Ritchie, Stewart Cameron and Alistair Pirie, they played the Suttieside rink skipped by C. Anderson.

This match turned out a lot better for Kirrie although Suttieside picked up five shots at the second end.

This setback didn’t disturb the Urquhart squad, they took a three then a two at consecutive ends to cancel the opposition’s lead and they went on to win 9-7.

Rink three comprised Ewan Cameron (skip), Bill Keillor, George Currie and Jim Grant, they played the Suttieside rink skipped by Dawn McFarlane.

This game was very close with skips having to play their best to keep their opposition at bay. At the fifth end it looked like Kirrie had made the breakthrough by gaining a four. At this point the score was 6-3 in Kirrie’s favour. However, Suttieside kept their cool to take singles at the remaining three ends.

Ewan’s last stone missed taking that vital single at the last end by the smallest of margins. The game ended peels at 6-6. Suttieside retained the trophy for another year.

Kirrie Men’s first Province League game of the 2013/14 season took place last Wednesday against Kirrie Ladies. The Men’s rink comprising Gordon Elliott (skip), Dave Congrieve, Jaromir Krucyznski, Mitek Lojewski experienced a rare occurrence - the Ladies had a “bad hair day”. The ice just didn’t run for them and the Men won 10-1, not quite reflecting the competitive game that it was.

If Kirrie Men needed to be brought back to reality it came the next day in the Agricar League. Russell Hamilton (skip), Malcolm Nicoll, Gordon Elliott, and Malcolm Brown faced FYC.

The Young Curlers handed out a lesson in consistency and sustainability by winning 15-5.