The Tuesday night fleet at Forfar Sailing Club comprised six Lasers and a single Solo, and the race started in a steady north-west Force 3 wind.

The start was keenly contested, with Graeme Knox and David Sturrock (in the Club Laser) on the line and moving well as the signal sounded.

In a closely fought first beat, Graeme lost out to David who beat him to the first mark.

Jim Green (Solo) held on well to the Laser pack.

On the first run David consolidated his lead; Colin Tannock broke to the right hand side of the course, moving into second place with Graeme close behind.

At the end of the first lap, only 50 seconds covered the entire Laser fleet, Tony Cook and Colin crossing the line at exactly the same moment.

On the second beat, Tony worked through the fleet to a well-earned second place.

With David still leading and Tony well in front of the other Lasers, the lap ended with the remaining Lasers split by less than 35 seconds.

Colin, Graeme, Craig Knox and Alan Cairns crossed the line in that order. Jim held on in the Solo watching the others.

During the final lap Graeme was forced to retire due to injury.

Tony reduced David’s lead by running down on starboard tack, but David responded and controlled the damage, crossing the finish line in first place.

The final results on handicap were David first, Tony second and Jim third, followed by Colin, Alan and Craig.

It was a good evening’s race, with very close racing amongst a competitive and skilled fleet – the first lap Laser sailing was a textbook show!

Only two sailors appeared at the club on Thursday evening. Both prefer strong winds and, after looking at their reflection on the surface of the water for a wee while and assessing no-one else was coming along, they decided that at least they had gone, they had seen, but conquering was just not worth the effort and racing was cancelled through lack of wind.

Only two sailors appeared at the club on Sunday afternoon for the first race in a new series.

Many regulars were away for various reasons and the less able or practised may have been discouraged by high winds in the morning.

Peter Tait and Graeme Knox, however, are not discouraged by high winds and in fact when their Lasers were launched the wind was a manageable force 4-5 from the west.

Graeme had the advantage upwind, keeping his boat flat, while Peter’s running technique was his main asset.

However, the main challenge was the frequent gale force, twisting, hammering gusts which caused them both problems and the occasional swim, but also rewarded them with an exhilarating sail with, unusually for Forfar Loch, extended, flat out planing legs.

The traditional two races were run and, fortunately for Graeme, results were determined upwind, whereby he managed to take both races.