Kickboxing Thomson twins Iona and Amber seeking support to represent Scotland

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Friockheim mother Victoria Thomson is hoping some kindhearted businesses will help her twin girls represent Scotland all over the world.

Amber and Iona, 11, are kickboxing stars and are well known for their craft across the United Kingdom circuit.

The girls, who train at Skyaxe gym in Dundee, have been to Malta for the World Championships and recently qualified for another global event in Italy next year.

However, the Friockheim Primary pupils will likely be unable to compete in next month’s WKA Championships in Dublin due to a lack of funding.

Kickboxing is a sport that requires constant financial expense, from fight suits to flights to training gear, and Victoria is seeking a bit of help to ensure her daughters don’t miss out on some incredible opportunities.

She said: “The girls compete all over the country. It all costs, there’s no funding whatsoever.

“They were chosen to represent Scotland at the WKA in Dublin at the end of October, but due to not having the funds we might need to pull out of it.

“It’s not cheap, you need flights and entries and everything.

“It’s a brilliant opportunity for them to represent their country. They qualified for the ISKA World Championships in Italy next year as well.

“It’s such a great experience, you’re making friends with people from all over the world, America, Africa, Germany. It’s such a shame they have to miss out. If you get called up for Scotland you need the fight suits and they’re all different.

“I just feel like they’re losing out. Malta last year was about £3,000 I think and they just loved the experience, it’s only made them hungry for more.

“They can’t get to every competition and they know that, but they’re doing so well and being offered so much you want them to do as much as possible.

“If anyone was to sponsor them, their company logo would be branded on their kit and everything which is great exposure - it’s literally all over the world.”

Victoria admitted that it can be a bit rough watching her girls fighting - particularly when they used to come up against each other - but said she knows that Amber and Iona are capable of looking after themselves.

She continued: “It can be difficult to watch if they’re getting a bit beaten up but they know what they’re doing, they know their techniques and if they’re hurt they’ll stop it.

“They go in there with no fear. I couldn’t do it. I spar with them in the house but I just couldn’t do it, they need such a fitness level.

“They used to fight each other a lot and people would be saying “oh here come the twins!”.

“They’re not in the same category any longer, one of them’s a bit heavier so they rarely fight each other now which is great.

“They got through to a lot of finals together and it was horrible, you’re thinking “who do I cheer for?!”. The atmosphere was always incredible.”

Amber and Iona originally took up ice skating, alongside older brother Jack, but they soon followed Jack’s path into kickboxing and Victoria is thrilled to say that all three of her children are excelling in the martial art.

Victoria added: “All three of them used to do ice skating. They got to a level that they’d done all their badges.

“It was my son Jack who wanted to try kickboxing, then Amber decided this is for me, I’m doing this instead of ice skating.

“Iona took ice skating to a competitive level but then she said, you know what I’m doing kickboxing as well.

“They’ve all excelled at it.”

Anybody keen to contact the family about sponsorship, or keeping up with the girls’ activities, can do so via their Facebook page at