Junior curlers in Perth championships

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The QUALIFYING round for the Scottish Junior Curling Championships took place in Perth this past weekend.

In Section A of the men’s draw: FYC had three players in George McConnell’s rink with Craig Joiner (FYC) third, Ben Bremner (FYC) second and Adam Flint (FYC) lead. They ended the round robin of five games with one win to their credit and did not qualify for the finals. Smith 2-10, Whyte 3-7, Cannon 10-2, Baird 10-1, Keil 5-7.

In Section B Euan MacDiarmid (FYC) was playing second for Andrew Maitland (skip), with Shaun Rennie (third) and Neil Sutherland (Lead). They ended the round robin of four games with no win and did not qualify for the finals. Fawns 3-10, Brydone 3-6, Callander 2-12, Hardie, not required to play.

Andrew Callander (FYC) skipping his rink finished on one win and did not qualify for the finals. Hardie 4-11, Fawns 4-10, Brydone 5-6, Maitland 12-2.

Robert Fawns (FYC) skipping his own rink finished the round robin on two wins and two losses, which put them in a tie breaker for a qualifying berth. Maitland 10-3, Callander 10-4, Hardie 5-6, Brydone 3-8. In the Tie Breaker Fawns lost to Team Mouat 4-8 and failed to reach the finals.

Thomas Halder (FYC) played second in the RCA Silver team with Robin Brydone, skip, James Carswell third (playing skip stones) and Calum Greenwood lead. They finished the round robin on three wins, one loss and qualified for the finals. Maitland 6-3, Callander 6-5, Hardie 3-7, Fawns 8-3.

Duncan Menzies (FYC), playing third, and Angus Dowell (FYC), lead, with Bruce Mouat Skip and Derrick Sloan at second finished the four game round robin on two wins, two losses which put them in a double tie breaker. Ewan 14-3, Taylor 2-8, Kingan 8-2, Thomson 9-10. In the first tie breaker they dispatched Team Kingan in six ends 8-2. In the second tie breaker they beat Robert Fawns 8-4, and made it to the finals by a long route.

Stuart Taylor (FYC) skipping his own Royal Club Academy Silver rink finished top of his round robin group with three wins and one loss and qualified for the finals. Thomson 4-7, Ewan 10-5, Mouat 8-2, Kingan 8-6.

In the Ladies’ Draw Section D: Hailey Duff (FYC) skip with Rachael Halliday (third), Lauren McIntyre (second) and Beth Dandie (FYC) (lead) finished on one win and four losses and did not qualify for the finals. Martin 8-10, Wright 6-7, G Aitken 7-4, Wood 4-10, Morton 4-7.

In Section E: Lesley Young (FYC), playing (third), with Maggie Wilson’s rink, skipped due to illness by Rebecca Kesley with Kirsty Sloan (second) and Rachel Hannen (lead) finished the round robin on three wins, two losses and qualified for the finals. T. Aitken 5-11, Paterson 9-10, Baxter 8-5, Murray 6-5, Steven 10-3.

Louise Joiner (FYC) playing second for Tasha Aitken (skip) with Naomi Brown (third) and Karina Aitken (lead) won three and lost two to qualify for the finals. Wilson 11-5, Baxter 6-10, Murray 9-3, Steven 10-7, Paterson 8-10.

The eight men’s finalists are: Ross Whyte, Kyle Smith, Fraser Keil, Grant Hardie, Robin Brydone, Stuart Taylor, Fraser Thomson, Bruce Mouat.

The eight women’s finalists are: Jennifer Martin, Gina Aitken, Alison Wood, Tasha Aitken, Katie Murray, Lauren Baxter, Maggie Wilson and pre qualifier and current World Junior Champion Hannah Fleming.

The finals take place in Aberdeen from January 23 to 27. The winners will represent Scotland in the World Junior Championships in Sochi, Russia, from February 28 to March 10 next year.