We’re still stunned after shock play-off defeat in second leg

Pic credit Christopher Coutts.
Pic credit Christopher Coutts.

Forfar Athletic’s 3-0 loss to Alloa Athletic was a bizarre one in terms of the circumstances whereby the Loons found themselves beaten.

Alloa were in no way three goals better than their opponents but were able to score goals thanks to remarkably uncharacteristic errors from an experienced defensive set-up.

Rab Douglas and Stuart Malcolm both made mistakes that resulted in goals while the whole defence was at sea for the Wasps’ opening goal.

Darren Dods admitted the side wasn’t expecting that to occur, adding that the players are bitterly disappointed.

He said: ”We were stunned. We went into the game with expectation and hope but it didn’t turn out that way.

“We lost that goal right before half time which was poor. Rab made a mistake for their second and it went to their striker who smashed it in, nine times out of 10 that goes across goal.

“When their player got sent off we thought we’d go on and do it. But we lost a goal from a corner which isn’t like us, we’ve been so comfortable with set pieces all season.

“It was just one of those days where we made mistakes we’ve never made all season. We’ve just made them in such an important game.”

Darren knows that the team will be able to enjoy their achievements eventually, once the sting of Sunday wears off, because it has been a fantastic season all the same.

He continued: “We’re still disappointed and once a week or so goes by, it will still be in our minds but to look back to the start of the season and having made the play-offs, and to be so close to the title was great.

“We had a great run for the last 10 games winning seven, we came up a bit short sadly. We had a superb run pre-Christmas and March onwards.

“To miss out on the title on a few points, we weren’t far away.

“The manager keeps strengthening every summer and he’s liable to do that again this season.”

Dods plans to be a part of Forfar’s squad next season having originally planned to retire at the end of this campaign.

But after playing in 41 games this year, he’s feeling fit and ready to take on another League One season as he turns 40.

He added: “The manager’s keen to keep me going. I thought this was going to be my last season and I’d retire, but that was my 41st game.

“Apart from missing the first game through suspension I’ve played every game.

“Because this season worked out so well I’m going to give it another year.

“It would have been nice if we’d have got that last little bit and got us up.

“The way football is going now, even folk at 26 are being talked about as maybe too old.

“But guys in their late 30s, Rab in his 40s, some of us have a lot to offer still.”