Tough week for Lowson United

Lowson United were unfortunate to suffer 4-1 defeats in both of their games this week.

Merpro 4, Lowson Utd 1

Lowson travelled to Montrose last midweek for their first league game with a severely under-strength team and were beaten by the better team on the night.

After a poor start by Lowson, Merpro went three goals in front before Duncan scored with a great free kick.

Lowson created a few more chances but failed to take any of them. Merpro scored a fourth to finish the match as comfortable winners.

Team: Kinmond, D. Hampton, Robbie, Nisbet, Beaton, Leighton, Thompson, Suttie, G. Smith, R.Hampton, Duncan. Subs: J. Smith, Leith, Hendry.

Monifieth Tayside 4, Lowson Utd 1

Lowson Utd produced a poor first half display with the strong wind making it difficult to play decent football.

Monifieth’s tactics were to play long balls that Lowson failed to adapt to.

In the first minute, after a mistake by Milne, who misjudged a corner kick, the home forward headed home.

Lowson failed to get going and lost another two goals.

After a Duncan shot Middleton should have scored just on half time, but his effort went past the post.

Lowson scored at the start of the second half, D. Smith being the scorer, but within two minutes Monifieth scored a fourth.

Lowson finally began to play a bit better and created some good chances with Duncan and two efforts by J. Smith, who should have scored with both, and a Nisbet effort going wide.

After a decent start to the season, progressing to the semi-final of the Tay Valley Shield, the last two games have been very disappointing for the Lowson manager who is hoping players returning from holidays and work commitments will help to produce the winning formula

Team: Milne, D. Hampton (Moir), Robbie, Nisbet, Middleton, Massie, Suttie, Thompson, Patullo, D.Smith (J. Smith), Duncan.