Local starlet Neve Guthrie makes SFA scheme

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Local girl Neve Guthrie has been accepted into the prestigious SFA Performance Schools initiative.

Neve, 12, from Forfar now attends St John’s in Dundee as part of the programme.

She becomes part of the programme after passing several trials and an interview.

Beaming dad Derek revealed Neve took the huge decision to move to a new school and follow her dream all by herself.

Derek said: “At the launch day we looked around and Neve was certainly the only girl in attendance there. She had to go through a three-trial process and there was an interview process at the prospective school as well before she was accepted.

“We completely left it up to her to decide what she wanted to do. We took one trial at a time and she got through them all.

“There was no pressure from us at all. It’s a big decision she’s taken herself.”

A big part of pursuing the position was leaving her schoolfriends behind, but Neve took that jump and Derek said the family was very proud of her for making the call.

He added: “We’re just over the moon for her, she just absolutely loves her football.

“Of course coming from Forfar, she’s going to have to leave all her friends to go to a school in Dundee. I think there’s maybe a few girls in S2 and S3 who played with Farmington clubs with her but that’s it.

“We’re very proud obviously and she’s taken the decision herself. She’s travelling into Dundee and back every day.”