Forfar Athletic chairman looks to correct misinformation

Forfar manager Gary Bollan
Forfar manager Gary Bollan

Alastair Donald has moved to correct a number of incorrect and revisionist statements made about the appointment of Gary Bollan.

Bollan replaced Dick Campbell in December with a number of supporters eager to see coach Stewart Petrie appointed to the role, with U20s boss Barry Sellars as his assistant.

There were suggestions that Neil Cooper had been offered the job before Gary’s appointment as well as talk of in-fighting at the club.

But Donald has moved to quash those rumours following the side’s relegation to League Two.

He said: “There seems to be this clamour since we changed the manager of who it should have been, there’s a constant clamour from people saying it should have been Stewart Petrie and Barry Sellars.

“They didn’t apply for the job together, so we can’t appoint people who didn’t apply for the job. Barry didn’t apply at all, and Stewart’s application didn’t include Barry.

“There’s also reports that we offered Neil Cooper the job then withdrew it - we interviewed him twice and told him we had other candidates, he had interviewed very well.

“Neil was never offered the job and he’d never say he was.”

Alastair went on to discuss the suggestion the club officials weren’t in agreement about Campbell’s dismissal, among other things.

He continued: “The club has never been so together. There isn’t a club that works harder than we do off the park, from ladies nights to quiz nights to tribute nights, nobody is working harder than us and that doesn’t happen without unity.

“Of course we disagree on things, it would be unhealthy if we didn’t, but on the big things we have unity.

“We all agreed on changing the manager and we all agreed on who to replace him with.

“You take the good with the bad. There are good days ahead of us at this club, I know that. There’s an expression about not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.”