Erin vows to return better from horror knee injury

Erin Davidson.
Erin Davidson.

Forfar Farmington under 17s captain Erin Thomson has spoken of her anguish after suffering a knee injury last month which has ruled her out for at least a year.

The 15-year old-attacker was injured in training and underwent surgery at the end of June, with another scheduled for August.

It is the second knee injury in three months at the club after the Premier League side’s Sydney Cairns tore her ACL, as well as the inside and outside cartilage, in April.

Thomson was pleased with the support she has received in the past month.

She said: “I was quite disappointed at the start but not so much after two or three weeks,

“I’ve had a lot of support from coaches and players at the club and outwith, so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has taken the time to do so. I just need to concentrate on each stage as it’s coming and concentrate hard on making a good recovery and coming back stronger than I’ve been in the past.”

Erin suffered a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament and torn medial and lateral meniscus. Her first operation, at the end of June, was to remove the ruptured ACL and to stitch both menisci, while her second is to reconstruct the ACL with a graft from her hamstring.

She explained: “I’ve had my cartilage repaired on both sides of my knee, and my medial meniscus was torn so I’ve had that repaired as well. I’ve got six stitches inside my knee so that’ll be another three months added on to the nine for my ACL reconstruction and I’ve had my ACL completely removed from my knee.”

Thomson said she hopes to be able to start swimming soon to aid the recovery although she has been told she will miss at least a year before she can play a sport of any kind.

Erin added: “Depending on what the surgeon says, I’m hoping to get back to my swimming as soon as possible and I’ll get back into cycling as well as jogging and build the strength up again.”