Cup action continues

Forfar’s victory on Saturday over Rangers at Station Park in the League Cup is a warning call to other teams that Forfar is a team to be reckoned with.

That’s the message from Loons manager Dick Campbell, who steered his team to a monumental, historic victory.

Campbell is convinced the 2-1 win (after extra time) will give the squad the confidence to go forward with its league business, as well as the next round of the Ramsden Cup and League Cup.

Praising all those involved in Saturday’s game, he told the Dispatch and Herald he didn’t think it was an “undeserved victory.”

He said: “It wasn’t a ‘back to the wall’ performance by us in defending for 90 minutes. I agree with Alistair (McCoist). Both teams could have won the game - we did. It’s not an easy thing to do and I am absolutely delighted for everybody at the club and the supporters. I’ve been there for six years and know all the supporters. This has given them something to look back on - it’s a legacy for Forfar.

“Both teams had opportunities to win but you can’t take anything away from my players. We now have the confidence to face whatever is thrown at us. We have nothing to worry about and can send out a clear message to everybody that Forfar is a team to be reckoned with.”