Around the grounds

LAST week I suggested that we might have some answers regarding the coming season and who will be playing where by Wednesday (writes Sarah McLean).

But as I write the following Monday, the Scottish football situation is becoming more complex and drawn out than I think many of us feared possible back in February when Rangers first went into administration.

On Tuesday of last week, chairmen and directors from all of the 30 SFL member clubs arrived at Hampden for a meeting in order to make decisions. Big decisions. Decisions that might even have been irrelevant as the SPL meeting about whether to let the newco Rangers in or not was not until the following day!

As it turned out, nothing much happened on Tuesday apart from making the SFL clubs even angrier than they were before about being placed in this position by the SPL and the SFA.

By Wednesday some stunning statements were being released by clubs - with Clyde FC especially not holding back. If you’ve not read it yet then I strongly recommend you have a look on their club website.

Raith Rovers chairman Turnbull Hutton went into the meeting all guns blazing, as you may have seen or read in the papers, but to what avail?

Without a thought to how their decisions will affect the smaller clubs in Scotland, the SPL and SFA are steam-rolling ahead with whatever half-baked idea they come up with to keep the TV organisations and the sponsors happy. Where is their sporting integrity now?

The goalposts have now changed again and it is hoped that some sort of resolution will be found by close of play on Friday. Would anyone like to bet on whether we will all still be none the wiser by Saturday?

Enough of that though as pre-season is now underway. Is it just me or does the summer break get shorter every year? This week will see two derby matches in Angus with Forfar travelling to Montrose on Tuesday night and Brechin making the same journey on Saturday. And with that, hopefully it will be less doom and gloom next week.