Around the grounds

BY THIS time I’m sure everyone is well aware that Spain are the winners of Euro 2012 (writes Sarah McLean).

Is anyone really surprised? At first it looked as though Germany could be strong contenders for the title but when it came down to it Spain showed just how classy a side they are with their 4-0 win over the Italians on Sunday night.

Some of those providing the official commentary for the game remarked that Spain are a boring side to watch. Are they watching the same team as the rest of us? For those who love football, Spain are an absolute pleasure to watch and I for one am sure that the best, and the right, team won the tournament.

Meanwhile, at the time of writing, no-one has any idea what is going on back at home.

The SFL released the following statement late last week: “The Scottish Football League, for the last number of days, has been involved in intensive discussions with The Scottish Premier League, The Scottish Football Association and other crucial stakeholders in our game, to try and address, in a positive way, the current critical issues affecting our game.” These discussions are set to continue with all SFL clubs on Tuesday, as the Dispatch has gone to press.

As the furore around what to do with the newco Rangers continues, Scottish football remains in something of a limbo while everyone waits to see what will happen. With every solution put forward bringing forth yet more problems this will not be an easy issue to solve.

At the moment the emphasis seems to be on making sure the entire structure of football in this country does not collapse but with clubs unable to agree with each other about the best way forward then it looks like we are all set for a very rocky road.

By the time some of you are reading this the future might be decided as the SFL and SPL meetings take place on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. Let us all just hope that whatever happens it will be in the best interests of all involved.

And more to the point, hopefully we can start really looking forward to the 2012/13 season as many pre-season campaigns are set to kick-off this week.