Around the grounds

SO that is it, Rangers will be playing in the SFL Third Division next year (writes Sarah McLean).

Dundee will take their place in the SPL for 2012/13 and everyone is happy. Right?

Don’t be ridiculous.

Although the main decisions that we were all waiting for have now been made this is set to rumble on and on get the picture.

As I write, Dunfermline Athletic chairman John Yorkston says the club will likely be seeking legal action.

The SPL clubs, and mostly those who voted Rangers not to be allowed back in, are now in a complete flap about how much money they are set to lose out on now Rangers are at the bottom rung.

Stewart Gilmour, St Mirren chairman, I mean you. Over the weekend Gilmour claimed that five or more SPL clubs could go bust within weeks now they won’t be able to depend on Rangers money. And who is he blaming? Not the SPL, the SFA or anyone else that could have sorted this whole sorry mess out months ago but the SFL. That’s right, the SFL, who should nevber have been put in the position of having to vote in the first place.

To say the entire situation has been a farce would be a dire understatement.

Of course these decisions will have huge reprecussions on smaller clubs throughout the country. And those who regularly read ‘Around the Grounds’ will probably know what’s coming next...

Get up off the sofa, or out of the pub on a Saturday afternoon, switch off the telly and whatever EPL game happens to be on and get out there and help keep your local club afloat.

I’ve heard numerous people saying that they have had enough of the whole Scottish football set up and are boycotting every single club. What on earth is the point of that? Not every club is to blame in this and it would be tragic if the smaller clubs were to suffer even more than they are now.

Changes are coming - help make sure your club is there for them when they do.