An excellent finish for Craig and Jim

Craig and Jim in the Mitsubishi Evo 9 at Warcop Army Ranges.
Craig and Jim in the Mitsubishi Evo 9 at Warcop Army Ranges.

Kirriemuir electrician and co-driver Craig Wallace has recorded another great result driving with Jim Sharp at Warcop Army Ranges.

With an early morning start and hardly any road miles before the first stage, the first few miles were quite tentative.

Whilst stage one may have been tentative, but still reasonably quick, stage two was stopped due to a mishap with a car running ahead of them.

At first service, however, they were in a creditable ninth overall despite this and with little work to do it was simply a case of looking forward to stages three and four.

Stages three and four went well and their overall position at the end of stage four had risen to seventh overall. With no dramas and only a tyre change at service, the mid-point of the event was more relaxed than usual.

Leaving for stage five and six Jim and Craig had reached the ‘in control’ point but were unhappy with a whiff of petrol that suddenly occurred.

After checking out the problem they headed back for a service to fix a small leak on the fuel pump.

But after managing to avoid any penalties, they set off for stages five and six which both went well, although they had to work hard to keep in seventh overall.

Final service was another straightforward spanner check and tyre change.

There were no dramas and indeed the service crew were seen enjoying Forfar Bridies courtesy of McLaren the Bakers.

Stages seven and eight would be another good run and the final classification showed them in sixth overall and second in class.

Craig said: “It was a great result, this car has been tricky to develop over the year, but it ran supremely well and Jim had a fantastic drive, we will look forward to the next event.