A testing week for Forfar sailors in gusty conditions

Forfar Sailing Club’s racing calendar continued on Sunday in a fine westerly wind but it contained some strong challenging gusts.

Graeme and Craig Knox, Murray Haddon, Peter Ritchie and Peter Tait were in the Lasers and Angus Beyts with David Smith in a Merlin Rocket. Unfortunately, gear failure before the start prevented the Merlin taking any further part.

In the first race Peter Tait established a commanding lead by the end of the first lap while Graeme and Craig vied for second place.

Murray was capsized by a strong gust but quickly recovered. Although Graeme started to make up some ground Peter finished well ahead to take first place.

In second place was Graeme followed by Craig, Murray and Peter Ritchie.

The increasing wind strength saw Craig, Murray, Brian Finnie and Peter Ritchie capsize, with Brian having to retire, but again Peter Tait was master of the conditions and took first place.

Graeme again took second place followed by Craig, Murray, Peter Ritchie and David.

On Tuesday evening five boats turned up - the Knox Lasers, Anna Sturrock sailing the Laser Radial for the first time, Jim Green in his Wafarer and Dave Smith in his Enterprise.

The Knox’s got a good start but Craig was soon caught by the Radial and the Enterprise and Graeme moved clear ahead. Jim was completely becalmed and struggled to get to the windward mark.

As the race developed, Graeme maintained his lead with Craig and Anna battling for second. Craig got a short lead on the water but Anna took second place on handicap.

Jim and Dave followed some way behind and at the eventual end of the two laps, Jim took fourth place ahead of Dave.