Your views on the festive “no show”

As it has been confirmed that the Forfar Musical Society will not be staging a pantomime this year we asked for your thoughts on the cancellation and why people are less keen to take part now than they were a few years ago.

Here are a selection of your replies.

Jenni Cameron said: “I was in the musical society for years and this is a really big shame.

“My reasons for departing were that the same people got the parts all the time and last years was awful and a complete waste of money - we left before the end as my kids were bored.

“Forfar has no reason not to have a good pantomime as we have the facilities it just needs better run!

It’s a shame for the kids.”

Dave Smith added: “[It is] disgraceful but people probably have bigger things to worry about in these terrible times.”

Jennifer Wilton said: “The main problem is getting men interested - this has been a problem that has been going on for years.

“Favours are called in for a few shows and people leave.

“There is a lot of commitment needed for these shows and people just don’t have the time they had before.

“The answer lies with the school age children who just aren’t interested in doing musicals any more. It’s a different generation now and if you can’t get them interested at this level it will be harder as they get older because these children leave school, go to uni, start working, have families...priorities change.

“The society has changed a lot in recent years and many familiar faces have left the society for one reason or another.”

Ewan Phillip had a final word: “Getting men interested isn’t just at Forfar Musical Society.

“I’m a member of Forfar Dramatic Society and I am one of very few males to take parts regularly.

“Favours have to be called in all the time to get men to do parts even when they are taking part in other productions in other towns. But men are required - there’s only so often you can do the ‘Steamie’!”