Your thoughts on rent rise

Following the news that council house rents could soon be on the up we asked you what you think of the local authority decision to raise rents by 7.2%

The response was fairly mixed with some feeling that the increase was fair and others feeling that it is too much of an increase.

Paul Stewart Macbeth said: “Whilst this doesn’t effect me directly it seems staggeringly crass and insensitive to it’s tenants to do this in the middle of a recession when [there is] high unemployment and people feeling the pinch etc,.”

Others seemed to be more of the opinion that rent increases are a necessary evil in the current economic climate.

Morvyn Roebuck said: “Nobody likes an increase in rent, but it’s the same for private rentals and folk with mortgages. It happens across the board all the time, it’s the economy we live in!”

Rebecca Gardiner agrees with the rise and says that she feels it is fair for the service tenants expect:

“I agree with it to be honest. How else can the council cover their outputs?

“Council tax has been frozen and their money pot frozen, but we all expect the same services as we did before and maybe expect a little more. Something’s got to give, and at a few pounds a week extra for your rent it’s fair enough.”

Still others feel that the council tenants have a fair deal despite the rent increase.

Tom Obrien said: “Angus still has the third lowest council rents in Scotland. Also how else are they gonna pay for new windows, kitchens etc.

“Look at it this way - it’s about £65 a week for three bed council house and if you rent privately it’s about £120 a week.”

He added: “The rent rise will effect the ones who get no housing benefit the most as we will have to pay the full increase and are not getting pay rises at work.”