Switch lights off at Balmashanner Monument

Sir, Last Saturday evening we had the opportunity to mark Earth Hour.

The World Wild Life Fund encouraged us to switch off all lights for an hour as a gesture of concern about Carbon Footprints.

I felt guilty because the clock lights on the church steeple remained on. However that feeling of guilt was eased somewhat by the knowledge that for a number of years the steeple floodlights have been permanently switched off as part of efforts of the Glens and Kirriemuir Old to reduce its carbon footprint.

As the country struggles, generally, to reduce carbon footprints I think that floodlighting local buildings and monuments is an unnecessary thing to do.

I believe that, other than for security purposes, there should be no un-necessary lighting of buildings and monuments and I want to suggest that the floodlights at the Balmashanner Monument be permanently switched off.

I wonder what other readers think?

Yours etc.,

Malcolm Rooney

Glens and Kirriemuir Old Parish Church.