Letters to the editor


My husband and I were interested to read in the Kirriemuir Herald the article on the amount of litter to be found on our country roads in Angus.

We have often commented on this and wondered at the mentality of people who are so ready to open a vehicle window and chuck their rubbish out and even more so have wondered why some people can go to the lengths of dumping their TVs, three piece suites and matresses in some of the most beautiful spots when there are such good facilities for disposal in the county.

My husband has grown so exasperated at this state of affairs that he has bought a litter picker and, when he takes the dog for a walk, he manages to fill numerous carrier bags and rubbish sacks which are then collected by him and taken to the local dump.

He does, however, draw the line at removing furniture etc., and we are glad that we don’t live too near any fast food outlets!

If you are driving in the Roundyhill area and spot a man, a dog and a litter picker give him a friendly wave but please, please keep your windows shut and take your rubbish home with you.

He would dearly like to be able to put his redundant litter picker in the skip too.

Yours etc.,

Name and address supplied.