Letter to the editor


Having visitors two weeks ago we decided to go a walk around Backwater Dam.

What a disappointment to find litter overflowing from the rubbish bins and all over the verges.

I don’t know who is responsible for emptying the bins, whether it’s Angus Council or the water board, but tourists to the area must be horrified as this is such a lovely area.

Also in reference to the Kirriemuir supermarket saga, all I can say to Ian Bishop in last week’s Herald, is with the cost of fuel not everyone wants to travel to Forfar for their shopping.

The Co-op in Kirriemuir has the monopoly and prices are high and if he did any type of entertaining he certainly won’t find everything on their shelves.

So let’s have a decent supermarket at the Pathhead site, as anyone with a degree of sense knows the Gairie site will be a disaster waiting to happen.

Yours etc.,

Linda MacDonald

(via e-mail)