RAINBOWS, Brownies and Guides in Kirriemuir are on the hunt for more adults to come forward and help to run their meetings.

There are already seven units meeting each week in the area and there are further girls on the waiting to join lists.

So as not to disappoint all these young girls, Girlguiding Kirriemuir needs adults to volunteer to help run Rainbow and Brownie units locally.

As a Brownie leader in Kirriemuir explains: “I began helping out at Brownies as part of a parent helpers’ rota when my eldest child was a Brownie around four years ago.

“I continued when my youngest child was at Brownies, staying to help on a weekly basis and enjoying the experience so much that I decided to stay on as a helper after both my children had moved up to guides.

“Since joining Guiding I have made many new friends and have had the opportunity to experience many different activities alongside the girls and Guiders - activities such as craftwork, games, drama, cooking, badge work and, in my opinion, best of all, the chance to get out and about locally.

“My role in the Brownies has helped me to feel part of the local community and it is great to be greeted in the town by all the girls and their parents.

“In the last year I have taken the decision to go for my leader qualifications, knowing that there will be loads of support available from the local Guiding network.

“I know that my Guiding experiences and leader qualifications will look good on my CV and that my confidence after I have completed my training will increase in all areas.”

Girlguiding has an on-going campaign to seek out more adult members.

The organisation is still highly popular in the UK and in Angus the number of units and Girls has increased over the last year.

The Guiding community is continuously searching for individuals who could volunteer a few hours a week to help their local girls and young women.

As well as needing adult leaders to work directly with the girls and young women, Girlguiding Kirriemuir also needs people to volunteer in a number of other support roles, including the Friends of Guiding committee.

Women who love a challenge, are young at heart and looking for something new to spice up their evenings should contact Moira Ireland on Kirriemuir (01575) 573519 for further information.