WRVS are on a manhunt

OLDER people’s charity, WRVS, is launching a manhunt, calling for men to join the charity and shed its image as a women only organisation.

The charity have over 6,000 male volunteers – but they want more Many men – 190,000 over the age of 75 – are lonely and a male volunteer, to go to the pub or the football with or even just have a chat and a cup of tea, can make all the difference, not only on their mental state, but also on their physical health.

WRVS is an age positive national charity which was founded 75 years ago.

The charity believes that every older person should have the opportunity and choice to get more out of life.

Everyday WRVS helps thousands of older people to live the way they want. We provide personal and practical support so older people can stay independent at home and active in their local community.

At a local community level the charity delivers personal and practical support through the power of local volunteers to support older people.

At a national level, the charity raises awareness of the issues older people face through media campaigns and research and they also lobby the government for age related policy improvements.

For more information on the charity you can phone the Angus hub on 01738 633975 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.