Women’s Aid in Angus

LAST month Angus Women’s Aid joined groups across Scotland in a national 24 census to identify how many women, children and young people were helped on that day by Women’s Aid.

This 24 hour snapshot records the demand for and the provision of help and support to women, children and young people who are living with domestic abuse in just one day.

On that one day 839 women and 428 children got the information and support they needed to help them deal with the impact of domestic abuse, stay safe and plan for a better future.

In just one day 105 women across Scotland contacted their local Women’s Aid group for the very first time and 73 children received help even though their mothers were not in contact with Women’s Aid.

Anne Brown, Chief Officer of Angus Women’s Aid, said: “In Angus we echo the national picture.

Many people seem to think that because Angus is a rural area that we do not have the same number of women and children living with violence every day of their lives. This is simply not the case.

“Domestic Abuse happens everywhere regardless of income or geographical area. Just as the national census highlighted most of the women and children we support are living in the community.

“The Census Day figures clearly demonstrate that Women’s Aid services are absolutely essential to ensuring that women, children and young people who experienced domestic abuse are safe. In order to ensure that women, children and young people get appropriate help and support when they need it for as long as they need, it is essential that both local and national government continue to fund these essential services.”